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Brands You Know and Love.

We produce and offer quality brands that deliver delicious moments of joy for our consumers in Asia Pacific.

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  • photo of cadbury


    Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate has been giving moments of pleasure since the first bar was sold back in 1905. Today it’s loved by millions of people in more than 30 countries. And everywhere it’s enjoyed, there’s always a glass and a half of fresh, natural milk in each half pound of chocolate.

    Available in more than 60 delicious varieties, to satisfy local tastes across our markets, Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate generates more than $1 billion of sales each year. It’s a brand people love and trust from Canada to Cairo and many places in between.

  • Photo of Oreo


    In 1912, two chocolate-flavored wafers with a rich creme filling called the Oreo cookie became an immediate hit with consumers. Today it’s sold all over the world.

    Mondelez is continuing to leverage this powerful brand and reframe our categories by not only launching numerous varieties of cookies, but also by expanding Oreo into pie crusts and ice cream cones.

    In China and Singapore, new Oreo Wafer Sticks – individually-wrapped chocolate covered wafers – have quickly become a favorite of parents and children alike.

  • Photo of Chips Ahoy

    Chips Ahoy

    Chips Ahoy! cookies are packed with chocolate chips baked into every bite. They're available in original, chewy, chunky, candy blasts and reduced-fat varieties.

  • Photo of Toblerone


    Toblerone is a Swiss chocolate bar made with honey and almond nougat and is instantly recognized by its triangular shape.It was created in 1908 by Theodor Tobler,and it’s available around the world.

  • Photo of Tang


    Tang, available in more than 30 countries, is the leading brand in our powdered beverage portfolio. This fresh, fruit-flavored drink is available in a variety of flavors -- based on local consumers’ preferences -- and is fortified with minerals and vitamins. It is available both as a powdered beverage and in ready-to-drink bottles.

  • Photo of Vegemite


    Proudly made in Australia, Vegemite spread is one of the world's richest known sources of vitamin B. This iconic brand was first launched in 1922, making it nearly 90 years old! Made from yeast extract, it is a spread for sandwiches, toasts, crumpets and even filings for pastries. 'Happy Little Vegemites' a jingle created in 1954, remembered fondly by Australians, was inducted into the Australia's National Film and Sound Archive in 2009.

  • Photo of Natural Confectionary

    Natural Confectionary Co.

    At The Natural Confectionery Co. we make a delicious range of sweet, sour and soft jellies, chews and licorice with no artificial colours or flavours so you feel better to enjoy them.



    The company began as Sunrise Confectioners back in 1941 in Australia and was founded by Julius Lighton and his two son-in-laws, Walter Eger and Rudi Moser. They were passionate about providing mouth-watering lollies that were also affordable. Later on, they saw a need for a range of lollies that were better for you than the rest, and developed a range of sweets with no artificial colours or flavours.

  • Photo of Ritz


    Ritz crackers have a one-of-kind, buttery, flaky taste and will melt in your mouth. They're perfect topped with cheese or peanut butter, in soups or enjoyed all by themselves.

  • Photo of Tiger

    Tiger Biskuat

    In Southeast Asia, moms looking to give their kids the best possible nutrition at the right price find that our Tiger Energy biscuits hit the sweet spot.


    These crunchy biscuits and soft cakes, are fortified with the nine vitamins and six minerals recommended by the World Food Programme. Most importantly, we make them available at a price moms can feel good about.


    The Tiger Energy brand was first launched in Indonesia in 1999 under the Biskuat Energi brand. Since then, Tiger has grown to be the market leader in low-cost fortified biscuits. Varieties include susu (“more milk”), bolu (soft cakes) and krim (cream-filled) products.

  • Photo of Belvita


    Our belVita Breakfast Biscuits are delicious and specially designed for breakfast. These breakfast biscuits provide energy for the whole morning. Try them with a fruit, a yogurt and a hot beverage: a delicious and balanced breakfast.

  • Photo of Tuc


    TUC biscuits history begins in 1958 in Belgium. Mr. Parein, who owned a small confectionery company in Belgium, decided to visit the U.S. to learn the secret of America’s delicious lightly salted crackers. While returning to his native Belgium, Mr. Parein was already considering possible names for a new cracker product he would produce. It’s said he decided to use the initials T.U.C. after seeing the name "Trade Union Corporation" in a newspaper. TUC biscuits are rich in grains and are baked, rather than fried – and their light and crispy texture lends a unique taste.

  • Photo of Halls


    Halls candy is the brand name of popular mentholated cough drop and are available in more than 26 flavors in Asia Pacific. One recent innovation has been powder center-filled Halls Fruitti candy with luscious flavors such as tropical fruit, fresh lime and raspberry. Halls candy has a colorful advertising history in India and in fact, was one of the earliest brands to advertise in India!

  • Photo of Trident


    Trident is the number one chewing gum brand in the world. It was also the world’s first (and if you ask us, the best) sugar-free chewing gum.